CMEMS Board of Directors

Paulo Mateus Mendes (Chairman)

Nuno Miguel Magalhães Dourado

José Luís Carvalho Martins Alves

CMEMS Laboratories

Luis Gonçalves (Micro Fabrication and Systems Integration Lab. Coordinator)

Filipe Samuel Silva (Materials/Components Characterization Lab. Coordinator)

José Luís Alves (Computational Design, Modeling and Simulation Lab. Coordinator)

Paulo Mateus Mendes (Applied Devices and Instrumentation Lab. Coordinator)

The External Advisory Committee

Prof. Olivier David, French Institute of Health and Medical Research, Inserm · Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience GIN

Prof. Tao Dong, University College Southeast Norway, Dept. of Micro Nano Systems Technology, Konsberg, Norway

Prof. Richard Hague, Mechanics, University of Nottingham, UK

The External Strategic Council

The External Strategic Council is composed by representatives from industry (semiconductors industry and medical devices industry) and the director of the INL, the main partner of CMEMS:

Armando Tavares, CEO Amkor Technology Europe, Vila do Conde Portugal

João Seabra, Global Head of Enterprise Services, President at Siemens Healthineers

Lars Montelius, Director of INL, Braga, Portugal